Washington County Emergency Management (WCEM) is a volunteer organization dedicated to minimizing the effects of disasters upon the people of the community. 

The professional and volunteer staff of WCEM are trained to respond to a wide variety of technological and natural disasters. Hazard mitigation is an important part of group activities and includes the identification and elimination of possible long term hazards. 

Another function of the group is the coordination of local, State, and Federal response to a disaster event.  WCEM is responsible for the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and for the coordination of disaster emergency response.

WCEM personnel are trained in a wide variety of skills including the following:

Disaster Preparedness      Disaster Team Organization     Search / Rescue
Emergency Medical     Basic Fire Fighting      Traffic Control
Weather Spotting      Damage Assessment


Tornado Siren Tests are conducted in Bartlesville on the first Monday of each month at 1:15 p.m. if weather permits, alternate test day is second Monday at 1:15 p.m…

       During storm watches and EOC activation you can monitor our radio traffic on the following frequencies:

158.745Mhz    155.235Mhz  

154.355Mhz     146.655Mhz HAM

Washington Co. and Bartlesville are Storm Ready Certified!


4 months ago
Washington County Fire Department

WCFD is currently raising funds to replace out of date structure gear (PPE). This equipment has a life span, according to the NFPA, of 10 years. Currently, the PPE in use by WCFD is, at a minimum, 14 ... See more

4 months ago

City of Copan has announced that Weldon Ave between Maple and Gertrude will be closed today thru next Wed..

We will be conducting the monthly warning siren test for the City of Bartlesville today at 1:15p. You may post your reports here or call them into the EOC at 918-331-2710. Please be very specific as ... See more

Power Outages Reported

Multiple ongoing power outages have been reported in town. This is due to the current high winds affecting the area.
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